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Turn your pictures into works of art with Photo editor!

Taking good photos has become easier with the new technology that comes with our smartphones but taking great photos is a whole other question and always requires some editing. With the Photo editor app, you’re finally able to do it all, directly from your phone or tablet.

All you have to do is select a picture you’ve taken. Then, let your creativity do the rest. Edit the picture, crop it, add interesting filters to it, change its color and add decorations, like stickers and cool frames.

Photo editor gives the user a wide variety of options. Beginners will be happy they can finally tweak their photos and make them look better; and professionals will be glad they have a deep set of features to work with and to give their pictures that unique professional look.

And all of this work can be done within the comfort of a touch screen, with hand gestures that feel intuitive and easy to pull off. The whole app itself is designed to make things simple and quick to work with.

Edit pictures without the need of a computer or a complicated editing software with the amazingly efficient Photo editor on your Android device!

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Lập trình viên Samsung Electronics MP Lab.

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